Abby Kellems is a pianist and composer based in Boulder, Colorado. She completed her Bachelor’s of Music in Music Composition at the University of Oregon, where she studied with David Crumb and Robert Kyr. She received the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Awards in the areas of Music Theory and Composition from the UO School of Music and Dance, and graduated summa cum laude. Abby was also selected for the University of Oregon’s Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship, and completed a paper titled "Six Contemporary American Women Composers: Creating Music as a Means of Environmental Activism." She has had works premiered by Arwen Meyers and the Delgani, and served as the Composer-in-Residence and associate conductor of the Riverside Chamber Symphony from 2021-2022. She is currently working towards a Master's in Music in Music Composition at the University of Colorado-Boulder, where she studies with Annika Socolofsky.


          In her free time, Abby enjoys hiking, rafting, camping, gardening, making tea, and going to thrift stores.

          Abby is a member of ASCAP, and her music is published by Ponderosa Music.